Photos of the 2012 event from Longrun Picture Company are found HERE! 

2013 Photos were done by Tony Salazar at Tempus Photo Design.

Here are some personal photos from over the years, of our own adventures, informative maps, pics from IMTUF and from the McClassic.  Click on images to expand...

Aerial photo of Bear Pete Mountain.  July 2016, IMTUF aerial recon with Cpt. Bill & Jeff Boggess. 

Kelly "The Suffer Machine" Lance on Diamond Ridge, 2015.
Howie Stern Photo

Climbing the final steep pitch to Bear Pete summit, 2015 cross country camp.

Loon Lake. 
Howie Stern Photo

Tetsuro Ogata on Bear Pete Trail, 2016.
Howie Stern Photo.

Diamond Ridge, looking into Victor Creek drainage, 2014 IMTUF.

2014 IMTUF, Victor Creek Trail, looking towards the Warren Wagon Road side.  We call this section the "Whispering Woods."  Spooky place in a wind storm.

Marking IMTUF, Loon Lake Loop section with then Payette Nat. Forest Supervisor Keith Lannom.  A longtime McClassic Vet.  I think he's done all of them over the years.  He's registered for the 50K in July 2024!

Old mining implements in the hills above Burgdorf.

Crossing beautiful Lake Creek near the start/finsih area.  This is the sensitive, pristine headwaters of the North Fork of the Payette River and makes it critical that we run a low impact event.

Coming back to the truck after a long run on Bear Pete to see that a bear has tried to enter.

Katie being Katie, somewhere.

Secesh River

Nethker Creek Trail.  Descent route for 30K/50K routes.

Ruby Meadows, first snow of autumn 2011.

You never know what you will see in the hills above Burgdorf.

Brandi packing in a backcountry aid station for IMTUF 2019.


Inversion after Sept 2019 snowstorm hit Diamond Ridge and Victor Creek drainage.

Secesh River Bear, 2011.

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  1. This is amazing. I am excited to do this race in July. Just moved to Idaho, excited to find some fantastic runs here! ~ Jay


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