Under Construction.....Detailed turn by turn descriptions and pics/maps to be added.  Also, we may adjust the flow (CW vs CCW) to optimize it for runners and most importantly for our small but passionate volunteer corps.

2023 McClassic Entire Course Footprint

Close-up of 30K course, showing where 50K/50Mi courses leave the 30K.

Cutoffs to be announced.  The 50 Mile will start in the dark (5AM, possiby offering an even earlier start) and we want everyone done before dark Saturday night, so approximately 9:30PM as a final time.  That would be 16hrs 30mins, which for a 50 miler is 19:48 pace per mile. There will be intermediate cutoffs at Chinook Campground for 50 Milers and Victor Creek Trailhead for 50K runners.  No cutoffs for 30K except all runners in all distances need to be finished by the final cutoff for an official finish, approx 9:30PM.

Aid Stations:  To be announced.  There will be a mix of high quality, full service manned stations and unmanned water stations.  Crew and drop bags will be allowed at a few spots along the way.

50MI.  The full north loop of the original IMTUF100 course (circa 2012-2019) except it uses Pete Creek and Bear Pete's jawdropping summit, instead of Nethker Creek.  8000'-9000' of climbing, mapped at 49.6 miles. 

50 Mile Elevation Profile

50K.  The 50K follows the 30K course, before breaking off and running along the Bear Pete trail a few more more miles, passing Cloochman Saddle to our planned aid station at Victor Creek Trailhead.  Then back to join the 30K course, down over Nethker Creek and along the French Creek Road to finish at Pete Creek TH.

50K Elevation Profile

30K.  The Legend of Bear Pete Course from 2015-2019, except a start at Pete Creek Trailhead instead of Burgdorf.  Possibly the most loved and classic mountain running loop in Western Idaho.  Big views throughout and plenty of action above 8,000'.  

30K Elevation Profile

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