CAMPING & Lodging

There are lots of options to camp or stay in rustic cabins, close to the race start/finish area.

Stay in McCall at a Hotel or Air BnB?

Do-able for sure.  Allow 45-60 mins drive.  Reasonable for a 8AM start for 50K'ers.  Leisurely for a 9AM 30K start.  Lots of great options.  Everything is an Air BnB here, from condos to giant mansions.  Lots of hotels here from 1-4 stars.  

Pay US Forest Service Camping Areas: 

1. USFS Burgdorf Campground (not the Hot Springs, totally separate).  On the Nethker Creek Road #251, just south of the Burgdorf Hot Springs Resort.  Vault toilets.  2.9 miles to the start.

2. Jeanette Creek Campground.  Immediately adjacent to Burgdorf Hot Springs, on Road #246.  Vault toilets.  2.7 miles to the start.

3. Upper Payette Lake.  Lots of nice sites, some free dispersed sites too.  Large group camping options available.  Water pump and Vault Toilets.  Farther drive than the closer pay sites.  17.9 miles from the main pay site to the starting line.

4. Chinook Campground.  Beautiful sites on the Secesh River.   Water pump and Vault Toilet.  Slow drive through Secesh Meadows private property area, a little longer drive to start than others.  Still do-able and very nice.

Free "Dispersed" Camping Areas:  

1. Pete Creek Start/Finish Area.  Not many sites, but we will pack you in there if they are available.  They are not reservable, so if another camper claims them, then we don't get them.  Vault toilet available.  Anyone arriving earlier than Friday, let me know so I can plan on how much space our racers will occupy.  Aim for a site towards the back, because they are nicer and so we can occupy more space back there for the race.  Brandi, Wilder and I will try to get the last site before the trailhead to set up the start/finish area.

2. Ruby Meadows Trailhead Area.  A few nice spots with fire rings and a vault toilet nearby.  4.75 miles from the start.  Mile 4.75 of the 50 mile race.  Located on Warren Wagon Road just before it turns to dirt, turn into the trailhead.  The good sites are in the back of the access road near the trailhead parking.

3. Upper Payette Lake.  A pay area, but some free sites along the lake.  Scenic and beautiful.  Midway between McCall and the start area.  Not as close as others, but close enough.  Gets busy on weekends.

4. North Fork Meadow.  A few large sites. Fire rings and a vault toilet closeby.  14.9 miles to the starting line.

5. Corduroy.  Drive past the start at Pete Creek on Road #246 for about 1.6 miles.  This space is on both sides of the road.  Large and open spot to accommodate lots of campers, vans, trailers, etc.  Vault toilet.

6. Any old forest road with a pulloff.  Just about everything is a campsite in the Payette national Forest.  If you want free camping, you can find it.  Idaho is awesome.

Rustic Cabins close to start:

Burgdorf Hotsprings and Secesh Stagestop both have cabins for rent.  Burgdorf is booked wayyyy in advance.  Try Stagestop.  They have some decent food too. Quick drive to the start.

Warren:  Warren is a ghost town, but there are places to rent and a place for burgers and drinks out there.  Keep driving on Warren Wagon Road past Secesh Stagestop, then up and over a pass and down to Warren.  That's the real wild west, gold rush country out there.  Check it out!

Air BnB close to start?:  Check for rentals in Secesh Meadows.  This is an "enclave" private land holding area on Warren Wagon Road past the Burgdorf/French Creek Road #246.  Some places surely are getting rented out.  Secesh Stagestop is along this stretch with food and rustic cabins.

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