July 18, 2020: 10/20/40 Mile Mountain Races

Registration at ULTRASIGNUP.
Closes July 13, 2020 at 11:59PM.

What makes a trail race a "CLASSIC"?  Big views, high altitude peaks and legendary singletrack for starters. Throw in great prizes ($$$), well stocked aid stations at reasonable intervals, crew access and a well-marked course. Host it in a beautiful mountain resort town with something for everyone to enjoy. Visit McCall, Idaho this summer and throw down on 10, 20 or 40 miles of the finest trails in Idaho...A Classic is born.

START: 40M 6:00AM, 20M 8:00AM, 10M 9:00AM

Cutoffs (40 Mile):
Boulder Lakes Trailhead: 6:00 PM
Finish at Jug Mountain Ranch: 8:30 PM
10 and 20 Milers will follow the same cutoffs as the 40 Milers, which means you have plenty of time to finish.

Click the course tabs above for detailed course info for each race). Minor updates will be made to the finishing miles of each race to bring all runners into a finish line at the North Meadow Camp, 0.7mi north of JMR Clubhouse.
Location: Jug Mountain Ranch, lying just a few miles south of downtown McCall, has again graciously agreed to host our runs! With world class golf, a fabulous restaurant and miles of amazing singletrack, JMR has added a serious touch of class to the races. It will be the perfect launching point into the rugged, high alpine above. We will have access to their amazing clubhouse and restaurant, registration process and pre-race briefing. The camping will be in the same area it was in 2018, about .70 mile north of the clubhouse in the large North Meadow. Please reserve your camping at checkout on Ultrasignup.  The finish line for all races will be at the North Meadow camp in 2019 (different than it has been in past years).


Refund Policy: Traditionally, we have dealt with refunds and rollovers one at a time. However, with the size of our races, it became VERY tedious to manage all of the changes in the weeks leading up to the race. I honestly feel it has taken away from my ability to put on my best race. Thus, here is the policy:
1. We will refund 50% of your entry fee until June 1st, 2020 at 11:59pm.
2. After June 1st, there will be no refunds.
3. We will not do any rollover or transfer of bibs.
4. This is a mountain race. If the race must be cancelled due to fire, severe weather, etc, there is no possible way for us to refund or rollover your entry. That money is gone. When you register, consider this issue and either commit or stick to safer races that run in circles.
5. If facing personal financial hardship, reach out to us. 

Dog Policy: No dogs allowed on the course during the races. Dogs may join you at JMR if they are leashed and accompanied at all times.