Aid Stations & Crew Access

Water, Hammer Heed, Coke/Clear Soda, Fruit, Cookies, M&M's, Salty Pretzels and chips, PB&J's, etc.
 Typical ultra/trail race food.  Maybe some special treats.

There will be an aid station midway through the 1st loop of the marathon, about 7 miles into the race.  This station will serve the half marathon too (which consists of the entire 1st loop of the marathon).  

There will be an additional unmanned water station or 2 on the course, depending on the temperature.

We will have a well stocked aid station at the start/finish area for Marathoners to pass through as they finish their 3 distinct loops.

Family and crew members can help their runners as they come through the start/finish area between their loops.

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