STATS: 10.4 Miles, 2481' ascent, 2500' descent.  These figures generated by Topofusion Mapping Software using the GPX track shown in the map below.

START: 9:00 AM



JMR Singletrack

Begin on the main access road used to enter the JMR backcountry- called "Mainline."  After a few hundred yards, veer right onto a very narrow singletrack called Doubleshot.  (Do not ever go up or down this trail on foot except on raceday). This trail was climbed at the beginning of the races in 2012 and is back by popular demand.  The climb starts steep and gets steeper.  This is a double black diamond mountain bike trail.  Banked turns and rocks will slow you to a crawl.  By the 1 mile mark (on top at the flagpole), you will have climbed over 600' vertical feet to your first summit.  Follow nice singletrack down to "Murphy Junction" then up a Forest Road a shorts way to Reservoir Junction.  This begins the new Upper Jug Reservoir Trail.  This wraps around the shore of the Reservoir for 1.25 gorgeous miles.
Rolling terrain over a shady ATV track brings you to Lower Jug Reservoir.  Turn right and climb steeply for 500 vertical feet for three-quarters of a mile to the quaint aid station at Jug Meadows Saddle.  From here, 10 milers will descend the hill you just climbed, then head for home.  20 and 40 milers will continue on into the hills.

Upper Jug Reservoir.  5570'.  The new Reservoir Trail runs through the forest along the far side of this photo, staying near the water as it makes a loop around most of the lake.
Return to JMR (minor changes to be made to final 1.3mi for 2019 to finish at Campsite area)
From the Aid Station, descend the hill you just climbed. At the bottom, cross the dirt road and descend a short, steep embankment down to the Lower Jug Reservoir Dam.  Cross the dam on an ATV trail and enjoy rolling and shady trail through the deep timber.  A short descent will bring you back to the Upper Reservoir.  From here, enter the Vandelay Trail.  This 3+ mi trail has been used in the beginning of the races in past years.  This beautiful, shaded trail will test you with twists and turns with rocks and roots, while descending and still stinging you with short uphills to keep the effort honest. Vandelay flows nicely into Harper's Hollow Trail which runs directly to the finish area on Boulder Creek where the camping and finish party will be waiting.

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